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Welcome to the Roy Lake Resort & Lodge "For Sale" page

This page has links that you can go to access information for interested parties that have an interest in possibly purchasing the resort.

After 23 years Jan (Thames) Pitzl has decided it is time to retire and write a book on her life stories around the resort. While making that decision she has put up an excellent opportunity for people with the interest in the outdoors, owning their own business, and making a career change that will positively change your lives for you and your family forever.

Jan took over Roy Lake Resort in the Fall of 1993 with two small boys, ages 8 and 12, and while operating the business throughout their lives taught them invaluable life and business mindsets that they will forever hold on to. Not to mention, "handyman" skills, fishing and hunting skills, people skills, small engine maintenance and many other fine-tuned skills that they would not have achieved with any other experience. So, if you have a family- this is the PERFECT setting for raising kids as they grow into adults. Not to mention the beautiful environment you are surrounded in, the great people in the local area and the excellent school systems. See our "ABOUT US" page for more!

A few FAQ's

Q. Does this mean that Roy Lake Resort won't be open until new owner's take title?

A. Absolutely not, we are here to give you the best experience and service we can and we will continue doing so throughout this whole process. The marketing of the resort for sale will have zero effect on its operations and we encourage you to call us or email us and reserve your stay now.

Q. Why is it only a 10 year land lease, why not a XX year lease?

A. The lease is extendable throughout your term. For example, any improvements we or you make the lease gets extended. In our example- By extending the lease we are still operating on the terms of our original 1994 lease on an original 10 year lease. We have effectively never signed a new lease in the 23 years we have been here and you can do the same. So don't let that number prematurely turn you away, let's also not forget that with all contracts- they are always negotiable.

Q. Why do we have to contact the state for the sale?

A. Since we are a "concessaire" inside a South Dakota state park, the state is offering a brand-new lease with whomever purchases the resort. This means that the state would like to know more about you and your capabilities before they grant a new lease with an individual, family or investor(s). The state currently has more than 10 concessaires inside state parks across the state including Louis & Clark Marina by Yankton, Custer State Park and all of the hotels/resorts located inside. So as this may be unique, Roy Lake Resort and prospective owners are not alone and the process has been completed multiple times throughout the decades in other parks.

Q. Does leasing the land mean I am leasing the buildings and only buying the "business"?

A. No, everything on the land- all buildings, assets, FF&E, any improvements etc etc... belong to you and will always belong to you. The only thing leased is the land, you will always have full ownership of all assets at all times.

Q. Why would I want to lease the land and not buy land and start my own business?

A. A few reasons- First, Location. We are established on a peninsula on Roy Lake and are surrounded by water on all three sides which you will not find anywhere else, we promise you- we've tried. Second, Price. With the price of shoreline where it is right now (currently between $2,000 and $2,500/linear foot of shore line) the resort would be out of the price range of most with a sale price of being somewhere around the $5,000,000 dollar range instead of the reduced price of $739,000 from the appraised value of $975,000 price that we have listed it at (which by the way is well below value of assets by about $500,000).

Q. Why would you lower your price below the value?

A. We feel that this is a great investment for someone with a family, for someone to learn and grow the way Jan and her sons did. Regardless if it's a family or an individual or a group of investors become the new owners, we felt that we would price it in a range that we believe makes it available to most people that dream of owning their own resort on one of the best fishing lakes around and one of the most beautiful areas in the Couteau de Prairies Hills and Glacial Lakes of South Dakota.

Q. The prospectus says the deadline. Does that mean that is all the time I have?

A. Yes and No. What that means is that all proposals must be submitted to Sean Blanchette by that deadline. If there is just one proposal submitted with all of the appropriate documents then there may not be another chance for submittal. HOWEVER, if no proposals are submitted by the deadline date then the prospectus will go to the SD GF&P commission for an extension, usually an extension will be 2-3 months. It is in your best interest to stay in contact with Sean Blanchette throughout your process and if you do need another week past deadline he can advise Roy Lake Resort to do a shorter extension i.e. one week, SHALL you have everything you need ready to go such as preapproval from a lender or whatever your case may be. -In Short- the deadline is the deadline, but it is also not the deadline, it just depends if someone DOES submit a proposal before or by the deadline then there may not be another deadline/extension, no matter how short the period.


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Direct Link to the Roy Lake Resort Prospectus (all information, list of assets and information on how to start the process)

Contact Information

SD GF&P Conecessionaire Manager, Sean Blanchette (605) 773-3391; Email:

*** Contact Sean Blanchette with all information and at the very least, contact him to let him know that you are interested; Sean has access to send you files to information that is not available in the Prospectus. ***

Roy Lake Resort & Lodge General Manager, Charles Thames (281) 900-6849; Email: