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In northeastern South Dakota where picturesque glacial lakes are commonplace, Roy Lake is outstanding. This 2,000 acre lake, located midway between Britton and Sisseton on South Dakota Highway 10, is popular for its excellent fishing, swimming, Resort amenities, beach facilities, cabins, condominiums, numerous camping sites and local scenic attractions.

Roy Lake Resort and State Park has the variety and atmosphere for outdoor living at its best. If your stay is for a weekend fishing trip or an extended vacation, you can be assured the environment of Roy Lake will give you many hours of relaxing and enjoyable recreation.


Evidence of a prehistoric Indian village has been discovered at Roy Lake. Preliminary work by the state archaeologist has identified artifacts found as belonging to the Great Oasis Culture whose people occupied this region about 900-1300 A.D. The Roy, or Roi, family is credited with building the first recorded non-Indian settlement. Local Indians called the crops planted along the lake shore the "Roy Planting," and the name has persisted. In 1946 Roy Lake was brought into the state park system after completion of land acquisition. From a beginning of a few cabins and dirt roads, the area has developed into a popular state park and resort for family fun and recreation.


A swimming beach, excellent boat launching facilities, picnic areas, a new 9 hole frisbee golf course, sand volleyball court, playgrounds, campgrounds and foot bridge to Roy Island (including some handicapped areas) are supplemented by our modern resort. Modern cabins include full kitchen and bathroom facilities with your choice of one or two bedroom units. In addition to the cabins there are also 2 and 3 bedroom condos available. Amenities of the resort continue to include boats & motors, live bait, gas dock, along with a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and a store carrying the standard grocery staples.

**Below is the first of many stories written by Jan. Please enjoy!**

It's Time to Come Back!

One summer morning in 1992 I was surprised to see one of the lakes from the memories of my childhood...Roy Lake. It had been a long drive from Texas to see my parents in Gwinner, ND, and I thought I would take a shortcut, not knowing that this drive was destined to change my life forever.

I had always told my boys how important roots are. That they are a road map of where we came from and an indicator of where we are going. Having lived all around the U.S., I had always felt like a round peg trying to fit into a square hole. Little did I know that the process of a life-long struggle was now going to come to an end as I said to the boys with a big grin, "Next summer we are renting a cabin at Roy Lake."

What a window of opportunity the summer of 1993 was. The resort was for sale and not worrying about next month or next year and taking one day at a time, I started the process of purchasing the resort.

The moving van arrived October 13, 1993 and then the worry. "Where will the furniture go, it will take months to unpack; and, of course, how do I open the resort for winter business? But as I got here, one day at a time, so will 1993/1994 go.

What has amazed me are the number of people who call or come by and say, "I used to come here when I was a kid" or "Grandpa always took me fishing at Roy Lake." Now there will be another generation that will say, "Remember that summer of 1994 when Grandpa took me fishing at Roy Lake and we caught that big walleye."

Yes, it is time to come back!

~ Jan